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An Embroidery Tool You Can’t Live Without.

Hey there beautiful people.

I Hope your week is off to a smashing start!

Have you seen one of our latest product releases? Based off of two of our most popular designs, we created our LOVE & GROW needleminders!

What is a needleminder you ask, well only the handiest little tool around…

Needleminders keep track of your needle in between thread changes, if you have you have to pause your project for a later time or if you just need to step away for a minuet. Minders work by sandwiching your fabric in between the minder “face” and the magnet so the needle can be held on the minder for safe keeping.

No more lost needles in the couch cushions, YAY! Don’t know about you but I’ve pricked myself (and others :O ) one too many times!

Our needleminders are sold individually or you can purchase them in an adorable set at a discounted price ; – )

See for yourself, SHOP NOW!


hey there.

welcome to the brynn&Co. blog!

years ago my husband and I had a blog, we weren’t great at keeping up with it and so it fizzled out. but we learn from our mistakes right?! RIGHT?! We’ll see i guess 😉

thanks for being here. it really does mean the world to me. the face that i get to do this and help support my family is still a dream that’s coming true and you, well you’re the biggest part of that. so thank you.

through this blog I plan to share a lot of different things with you guys, some of my tips & tricks, products i love to use, tutorials and so much more.

looking forward to connecting with all of you a lot more too so please if you have questions or suggestions, anything feel free to contact me through the site or email me at [email protected] I would love to hear from you.

see you soon!

A xx.