Brynn and Co Embroidery Supplies

hey there.

welcome to the brynn&Co. blog!

years ago my husband and I had a blog, we weren’t great at keeping up with it and so it fizzled out. but we learn from our mistakes right?! RIGHT?! We’ll see i guess 😉

thanks for being here. it really does mean the world to me. the face that i get to do this and help support my family is still a dream that’s coming true and you, well you’re the biggest part of that. so thank you.

through this blog I plan to share a lot of different things with you guys, some of my tips & tricks, products i love to use, tutorials and so much more.

looking forward to connecting with all of you a lot more too so please if you have questions or suggestions, anything feel free to contact me through the site or email me at I would love to hear from you.

see you soon!

A xx.

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