In Your Hands Embroidery Kit

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This gorgeous design is a new personal fav, I mean the colours right?! Plus the added bonus of stitching plants, they will NEVER die!

This kit comes packed full of all the supplies you will need as well as an easy to understand colour guide, visual stitch guide and visual step by step process that I myself use to create this hoop.

This pattern is designed for those who have a basic knowledge of Embroidery, however if you are a beginner there are a few “Tips and Tricks” included in the pattern to help get you through. You will also find many tutorials and videos on YouTube and Pinterest if you search that will help if you do get stuck.

Included in your kit:
  • 8″ wooden embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery pattern, pre printed onto cotton fabric
  • Embroidery needle
  • DMC cotton embroidery threads in the colours used in this design
  • Instructional booklet including a colour and visual stitch guide
  • Paper copy of the pattern as well as suggested methods for transferring the design in future.
***IMPORTANT: This pattern and documentation is © Brynn&Co./Amanda Bryde and is for personal use only.
I ask that you please do not sell this pattern, kit, or any products made from this pattern.*