Rainbow Embroidery Pattern

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This is a listing for a Digital PDF Embroidery Pattern of our 8″ Rainbow design.

When I was creating this design I had so many different ideas in my head. I adore rainbows and everything they represent, I wanted to make sure that when I finally created a pattern using this design that there were options and examples of different ways it can be used.

This pattern is particularly unique because included are two different font styles of the alphabet so that you can customise your Rainbow any way you want! Stitch a fav quote, or your babes name, customise a wedding gift or celebrate a close friend, you name it! I hope you have as much fun with this design as I have.

There is an easy to understand colour guide, visual stitch guide and visual step by step process that I myself use to create these hoops.

The pattern is designed for those who have a basic knowledge of Embroidery, however if you are a beginner there are a few “Tips and Tricks” included in the pattern to help get you through. You will also find many tutorials and videos on YouTube and Pinterest if you search that will help if you do get stuck.

The Digital PDF guide includes the following:
  • A Supplies List
  • Steps for Transferring Your Pattern
  • A Stitch Guide
  • Finishing Touches
  • Backing your Hoop
  • Pattern & 2 styles of Alphabets to choose from

This PDF pattern is suitable for stitchers with a basic knowledge of Embroidery, however there is so much available to you via YouTube, Pinterest and Google if you are willing to take the extra step and learn a few things in order to create this design you will succeed. After all that’s how I learnt ; )

This pattern is easy to follow and includes useful “Tip & Tricks” for different embroidery skills as well as a Visual Stitch guide that you can follow to create this pattern. Everything you need is here!

**This item is a digital download only and can be downloaded after purchase.**
Nothing will be shipped to you upon purchase.