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Elovell Embroidery Hoops – Sedona Collection

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Oh my gosh we couldn’t be MORE excited about this product! It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce you to Elovell Embroidery Hoops, the Sedona Collection 🙂

Together with Stephanie from Itchy Stitchy, we have created an exclusive new limited edition range of plastic embroidery hoops! This collection has been a long time coming, we have been dreaming and scheming up these gorgeous hoops for months now. To finally be able to release them to the world is a dream come true.

Our modern embroidery hoops have turned out just as we hoped, they are great quality and so very easy to use! Each hoop has a screw mechanism, like most embroidery hoops, however we even paid close attention to this detail. The screw is hidden on one side to give a more minimalistic look to the finished product and it expands so it is very easy to frame your fabric for stitching. These hoops hold your fabric SO tight with a unique groove method we have used so that fabric is not going to budge once tightened.

Of course we spent a lot of time on colour selection, as we believe colour ignites creativity! So we have chosen 3 beautiful colours, Champagne, Blush and Dusty Terracotta, not only do they compliment each other perfectly so you can use them as a trio for a collection of work, they also stand alone making them the perfect way to finish any piece.

As mentioned our hoops come in 3 sizes and colours… 6″ Champagne, 7″ Blush and 8″ Dusty Terracotta.

These hoops are a great way to add a little something special to your stitching 🙂


6" Champagne, 7" Blush, 8" Dusty Terracotta, Elovell Hoop Trio