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Elovell Embroidery Hoops – Laguna Collection

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We were so excited to introduce you to Elovell Embroidery Hoops last year with the launch of the Sedona Collection. It has been amazing to see these hoops embraced and used by so many of you!  So it only seemed fitting that it was time to release some NEW colours to the hoop fun!

Together with Stephanie from Itchy Stitchy, we have created our second range of colourful embroidery hoops – The Laguna Collection. Of course we spent a lot of time on colour selection, as we believe colour ignites creativity! For this collection we have chosen 3 beautiful new colours, Honeydew, Ocean Mist and Bondi, not only do they compliment each other perfectly so you can use them as a trio for a collection of work, they also stand alone making them the perfect way to finish any piece.

Our modern embroidery hoops are great quality and so very easy to use! Each hoop has a screw mechanism, like most embroidery hoops, however we even paid close attention to this detail. The screw is hidden on one side to give a more minimalistic look to the finished product and it expands so it is very easy to frame your fabric for stitching. These hoops hold your fabric SO tight with a unique groove method we have used so that fabric is not going to budge once tightened.

You can purchase these hoops individually or as a “Hoop Trio”. These hoops are a great way to add a little something extra to your stitching 🙂


6" Honeydew, 7" Ocean Mist, 8" Bondi, Hoop Trio