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DIY Stick & Stitch Bundles – A Threadfolk collaboration

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We are thrilled to bring you our own take on the popular “stick & stitch” trend right now! Together with Libby from Threadfolk we have created 2 very adorable bundles of designs for you! There are so many different applications for these cute little bundles, use them to stitch on your favourite item of clothing, or add a little something extra to your bag, hat, shoes, you name it!

You simply choose one of the designs, peel off the back of the fabric solvy, stick it to your item of choice and start stitching over the design. Once you’ve finished your stitching, simply rinse in water and watch the solvy dissolve away until you are just left with your stitching! It’s that easy ๐Ÿ™‚

Item Details:

Designs: 2 styles to choose from “Flora” or “Celestial”
Contents: 8 stick & stitch designs per bundle



Flora, Celestial