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Square Needlework Frames

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I am over the moon happy with how these gorgeous Needlework Frames have come together! I really wanted to find an alternative for finishing our beautiful works of art than the standard wooden embroidery frames that are out there. These frames are light, so easy to use and look incredible. They are meant to “elevate” your work without taking away from your creations and I believe they do that so well! Some of the designs are able to stand on their own, on a shelf, a table etc. They are also perfect hanging on a wall as part of a gallery wall on on their own, the perfect modern statement.

The Square Needlework frame sizes:
  • Regular Square is: 19.5cm diameter (Outer frame) and 16.5cm diameter (Inner frame) This size fits a standard 6″ – 8″ hoop pattern.
  • Small Square is: 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 1cm (Outer frame) and 11.5cm x 11.5cm x 1cm (Inner frame) This size fits a standard 4″ hoop pattern.
Frame Details:
  • Laser Cut from Lightweight Plywood
  • Frame is made up of two pieces that will slide together to “sandwich” your fabric.
  • These frames are intended for displaying your finished work. They are NOT meant to be used for stitching in.
  • Each frame has a small picture triangle hanger on the back for hanging.
  • When purchased, frames include clear instructions for use & assembly.
***IMPORTANT: These Frame Designs are © Brynn&Co./Amanda Bryde 2019.*

Regular, Small